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28 mai 2015 : 21:08
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abracadabraTools is not Appearing in my Acrobat

I've tried Placing abracadabraTools.js in Both of these rentals (at separate times):

/ Users / Henri-classical / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Acrobat / 11.0 / JavaScripts
/ Applications / Adobe Reader / Contents / Resources / JavaScripts 

The .js File was never in Both places at once, though.
I'm using Adobe Reader XI 11.0.11 with Yosemite.
Does abracadabraTools only work with the Pro version of Acrobat, or might I have missed something else?

Thank you.   
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abracadabraTools only works with Acrobat, Pro or Standard versions, not with Adobe Reader.

You can find some free utilities for Reader here:

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