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GD  27 novembre 2019 : 15:44

Hi, I'm using Acrobat Pro 9 on Mac using macOS Sierra version 10.12.6. I have a need to flatten pages as I am storing different file names of the same PDF fillable form in the same folder. I found your flatten tool plug-in and the installation was easy. However, when I tried to flatten the file I got the following error message in a JavaScript Debugger window:

Acrobat EScript Built-in Functions Version 9.0
Acrobat Annotations / Collaboration Built-in Functions Version 9.0
Acrobat Annotations / Collaboration Built-in Wizard Functions Version 9.0
Acrobat SOAP 9.0
TypeError: this.flattenPages is not a function

I am a very basic user and definitely not a programmer. So baby talk is much appreciated.


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Merlin  27 novembre 2019 : 16:08


I guess that you are using the current version of the abracadabraTools DC plugin into your Acrobat 9.
This could raises compatibility issues because many things have changed in 10 years.
With Acrobat Pro 9 you must use abracadabraTools version 3.1

Download this PDF and open it with Acrobat Pro, the plugin and instructions are in the PDF (remove any previously installed abracadabraTools version before installing this one) :

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