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Rosero  10 mars 2014 : 13:19

I just discovered the PDFoptions editor and I had been looking for a tool like this for a long time. In my job I need to bring a PDF to it's trim size and open the bleed. When I change the options with this script, the scale on the PDF changes. Is there a way for the scale to remain and the pdf with bleed be re-placed from the center?

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Merlin  10 mars 2014 : 14:35


This is an old "adandon-ware" script found on the old Adobe Exchange site : http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&extid=1046580

I'd enhanced this script* 4 years ago to make it compatible with CS4 and later versions : http://abracadabrapdf.net/utilitaires/utilitaires-indesign/indesign-pdfoptions-editor/

I didn't wrote it and I'm not a InDesign-JavaScript Jedi, so I cannot help you furthermore but feel free to edit and customize it.

* In fact I'd copy-pasted 1 or 2 lines of script from a forum where some guys helped me…

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Rosero  10 mars 2014 : 15:11

merci pour votre aide

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Merlin  10 mars 2014 : 15:12


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